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Rumors Alert: Microsoft Plans on Allowing Android Apps to Work on Windows and Windows Phone?

Despite complaints of limited availability of apps and games, Microsoft had kept the Windows Phone…

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Track your coffee loyalty

Stop carrying that dog-eared loyalty card in the off chance you ever go back to that cafe. Worse yet, carrying multiple cards for the same cafe!

This handy app has been available for some time now so check it out now on Windows Phone 8, Android or iOS.

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SkyDrive #OneDrive

SkyDrive is set to be renamed “soon”, according to Ryan Gavin, GM of Consumer Apps and Services at Microsoft.

SkyDrive’s rebranding exercise to the new OneDrive will not interrupt the service provided, but more importantly, promises to be the “…One place that is seamlessly connected across all the devices you use. You want OneDrive for everything in your life.”  #Kool-Aid

Visit the OneDrive blog here and register your email address to be notified further here.

(Photo Credit: Microsoft)

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Libratone ZIPP

Obsessed with portable speakers? Me too.

This Libratone ZIPP wireless speaker, in my opinion, is the “Space Furniture” version of portable speaker options out on the market. Sleek design, zip cover interchangeable with other colours, plenty of connectivity options including AirPlay, DLNA and PlayDirect.

Oh and the covers are Italian wool and sport a fetching leather handle. 

Check out the whole family of Libratone audio products at www.libratone.com

(Photo Credit: Libratone.com)

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Nokia Charging Plate DT-900 and Charging Stand DT-910

Both accessories from Nokia pictured above are must haves for any Lumia owner with a wireless charge capability.

Simply placing your supported Lumia on the charging plate initiates the ‘Qi‘ wireless charging standard and in the case of the DT-910 stand, you get a cool ‘display’ option or can continue watching a video, listening to music or even continuing that Skype call!

By the way, both chargers were recognized with the iF product design award 2013. Check out their entrances here and here.

(Photo Credits: iF Design, Nokia Australia)

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Braun BN095

The BN095 with its unibody design is the evolution of the chronographs made by Braun. Its unique architecture, machined from a single piece of stainless steel and sapphire glass make this the most refined watch Braun has ever made.

Its housing construction increases stability and minimizes the need for multiple waterproof membranes. The clear geometric shape of the metal housing and the functional, graphic simplicity of the clock face are iconic design elements of Braun.

Designed in collaboration with Studio Hannes Wettstein and Ventura, this is a premium watch. Made in Germany

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Flappy Bird on Windows Phone 8

Its a third-party port (unofficial) in the WP8 Store by IG Mobile. Try it out on your WP8 device by clicking here.

It is insanely addictive but will make you rage quit in 10 minutes! Install at your own will.

And yes, 21 46 is my best score to date.

(photos are screenshots captured on my Nokia Lumia 1520)

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The sond watch by void has an injection molded nylon case that has built-in loops for the strap. The watch is waterproof up to 3atm and is available in a variety of colors.