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Swifts’s Getting in Early with Augmented Reality

Taylor Swift is not a topic I plan to regular feature in my blog, unless her plans include more tech and gadgets like her latest product launch!

Swift’s fragrance by Elizabeth Arden is capturing the millennial generation head-on via an unconventional route – Augmented Reality.

Aurasma is the world’s leading Augmented Reality Platform by HP Autonomy but it’s not new to Elizabeth Arden (EA). This is their 6th release on the platform. Here’s why:

EA uses Aurasma to add engaging augmented reality experiences to its direct mail, print advertisements, in-store point of sale, and product packaging. Combined, these methods create buzz, which is shared and amplified via the various social media platforms integrated into the campaign.

Aurasma’s latest update brings social platform sharing capabilities to the table (Facebook & Twitter) via the free Aurasma app (iOS and Android only).

Check out the video to look into Aurasma’s vision of enabling an augmented world  – where every image, object and place has its own Aura. 

(Video and Info credit: www.aurasma.com and www.youtube.com)


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