BYO Gaming Rig


Build Your Own (BYO) Gaming Rig is becoming a cult practice again. Customisation, coloured theming, lighting and cooling variations being the major areas to outwit and outshine the nearest enthusiast modder.

I tried my hand at a safe solution including closed loop water cooled CPU and GFX Card. The results? See for yourself…

So I’ve finished my first custom PC build, using my hand picked preferences for each component. Full list of components listed in Part Picker here: The theme was lights, lights and more lights, with focus on red and white on black. The fans are #RGB LED, but the @AsusROG #mobo brings the rig to life with a breathing red glow and @Corsairgaming Vengeance LED RAM DIMMS completing the visual. The most expensive component is the gfx card, the water-cooled MSI #GeForce 1080, sporting a heartbeat lighting effect of the @MSI_Global logo. Overall, a fun experience and a very powerful rig for the next year or two. #GadgetsOverCoffee #gadgets #tech #sexytech #pc #gaming #rig #systembuilder #gamer #extremepc

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