The first wrist-band camera quadcopter


Well, this is definitely a first. Handset manufacturers have been dabbling in Smartphones designed to capture the 2013/4 ‘Selfie‘ phenomenon by releasing Smartphones that feature or centre around the ease of taking selfies.

With mixed success on the purpose built selfie phones, the focus was shifted to a device that turns any smartphone into a selfie camera: the Selfie-Stick.

In 2015, and thanks to Intel’s “Make it Wearable” Challenge, we now have a concept and competition winner that is taking this selfie trend to new heights (by the way, take the time to visit the Intel site – it’s worth a look at the very worthy finalists!).

Nixie, the flying, wearable camera provides a vantage point you cannot get at arms length, or even at the end of a selfie-stick.

A new perspective for all your photos, from a following mode to a portrait or position that is not normally conducive to the traditional photo capture process… your hands are free to climb, steer, hug, clap, wave or simply enjoy the moment yourself, letting Nixie capture it for you. No more asking a random bystander to help you with your Kodak moment!

Voice controlled of course, it is the first wrist-band camera quadcopter truly setting your camera free.

Sign up at the Nixie website here:

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