HP PageWide Technology for Large-format printing


Introducing HP PageWide Technology for large-format printing — seeing the pressures on reprographics operations to affordably deliver great looking prints with faster turnaround times, HP scaled its PageWide Technology for large-format printing, delivering high-quality, high-volume printing at higher speeds and lower costs.

By bringing the record-breaking speed of HP PageWide Technology to large-format printing, producting everyday large-format applications such as posters, maps, drawings and renderings may never be the same. Today this $1.3 billion market is dominated by monochrome LED printers.* Now HP PageWide Technology brings color to an industry that typically prints in black-and-white, without compromising speed or affordability.

For more than 30 years, HP has led the inkjet printing market by investing in printhead and ink research and development. Building on the success of its HP PageWide Technology from industrial production to small business printing, HP will offer customers dependable and economical operation for high-quality, large-format printing at high speeds.

With inkjet technologies, the ink vehicle, which carries the colorant to the surface of the printer, is crucial to the stability of the ink, the drop ejection process and the overall print result. The HP PageWide printhead is built with thousands of identical drop generators that offer uniform volume, speed and trajectory for precise printing. The technology also regulates the speed and penetration of Original HP pigment ink to accelerate drying and to control dot size, feathering and color-to-color bleed for high-quality prints.

Together with HP Thermal Inkjet Technology and HP pigment inks, the new HP PageWide Technology for large-format printers reduces the cost per page and offers the flexibility to use low-cost photo papers for graphically rich applications. Additionally, the PageWide platform prints the full page in a single pass for decreased turnaround time.

Learn more about HP PageWide Technology for large-format printing here: http://budurl.com/ngpv

*Based on HP internal data.


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