iOS7’s Mulitpeer Connectivty Framework


It will definitely add a different angle to the Smartphone and mobile data space and keep iPhone Snapchatters and Whatsappers cranking, it will keep Siri functioning and answer questions like “What does a fox say?”, but change the world? Not yet. Plus its only for iOS, sooooo….  ;P

I read this article and was actually impressed (for a change) by Apple’s leading foray into the network peering world, especially since Apple cannot control it. It also kicks off an interesting conversation with the carriers the world over, banking on iPhone 6 for 2014’s subscriber refresh. Have a read and see for yourself – well written article with some good points regarding “…uses in a disaster area where cell towers have been knocked out, or other situations where people need to communicate but where no WiFi or mobile broadband is available. In many poor countries and areas, people might be able to afford cheap or used phones, but not wireless service fees. Wireless mesh networks can provide free Internet connectivity to entire villages, slums or towns.”

In the meantime, I’m heading over to the Google and Microsoft camps to see what they’re doing with ‘mesh-networking’.

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