The new Nokia X family – Your Fastlane to Android apps


Nokia X Family

Meet the Nokia X family – a range of handsets that combines Nokia design, build quality and services with the ability to run Android apps.

But is there room for another mobile platform? Or is this just a stab at the low end of the hardware market to capture the coveted ‘next billion devices’? There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of optics or processing, but they do carry the Nokia build quality.

My opinion – cos you came here to read it – I’m not too keen on the form factor, thickness and concept of mixing my O/S experiences (Think Nokia Asha + Win Phone 8 + Android mashed together).

I have had Android devices from HTC and Samsung but have always hated the OEM overlay and bloatware. Let the O/S be! I have rooted and ROM’d my ‘Droids to get to Google’s vanilla platform and in the end, it is partially the reason why I left Android for WP8.

I’ll be sticking with my Lumia 1520 for now, but looking forward to giving these entrants a test run soon.

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