Nokia Beamer Unplugged


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If you’re like me, you use your smartphone camera for just about everything. Snap a photo of receipts for work, serial number on a product, food(!), pets, oh and actual people…

I like to share my pics, but I also want to be able to choose what I share and with whom, without having to manage permission lists and ‘requests to view’ (FB, IG, Twitter). Plus, not everyone subscribes to a social media platform.

What if I told you that there is a way for you to beam whatever’s on your phone’s screen to any display connected to the internet – whether it’s a TV in your living room or your friend’s tablet on the other side of the world?

What if I told you that this is possible today? Well it is. It’s called Nokia Beamer and it’s available Windows Phone 8 and on all the Lumia’s running WP8 (Nokia Black update) and an internet connection at either side of the equation.

From your WP8 Lumia, you launch the Nokia Beamer app and choose “Share Nearby” or “Share remotely”.

For Nearby usage (meaning you are in visible proximity of the screen you are going to display on) navigate to on the internet connected display. A QR tag presents itself and you scan the QR tag with the Lumia device and instantly, you’re able to share your Lumia’s screen with the internet connected display.

For Sharing Remotely, you can choose to SMS or email the ‘handshake’ process and share once the remote side has clicked the link.

The best option to select for showing photos or regularly changing content is “Auto Update” in the “How to Beam” menu, and you can terminate the session at any time by tapping “Stop Beaming”.

I have successfully shared photos, websites and MS Office docs (ppt’s are great, especially NDA presentations).

You can even show someone a feature on the Lumia or walk them through setup/tips. Enjoy Nokia Beamer unplugged!

(Photos: Screen grabs from my Win8 PC,Nokia Lumia 920 and 1520)

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