Monster yes, Beats no.


I love what Dr Dre and Monster have done with the whole ‘Beats’ audio movement. In PCs, Tablets, Phones, and of course, the iconic over-ear hardware sporting the “b” logo just about everywhere you go.
I have 2 pairs. White Beats SoloHD and the BeatsTour in-ear headset. Both perform brilliantly, they work as described.

There is only one thing I can’t stand about them. Here goes my Nokia Windows Phone fanboy rant:  neither pair of headsets are designed to support anything but an iPhone or an Android device that has sold its soul to the Beats empire.

Sure, the music works. Plug into just about any phone or device and music will fill your ears, but skipping tracks, pausing or taking a phone call with the in-line mic feature ain’t gonna happen. But I want them to work with my Windows Phone 8!

I did some research. I’ll be the first to confess that I’m not a brainiac with a cordless soldering iron and a solid understanding of ohms(?) and TRRS ( « Look it up. Google Bing it.). I am not going to spend my weekend in an electronics store picking transistors and plug types so that i can CUT OPEN THE HEADPHONES to make it work with a non-iPhone/Droid supported device. Not to mention, even if you heat shrink the wires again, you’re going to be left with the ugliest solution imaginable. Nup, no thanks.

Looking further into the Monster line up, there is another option for us WP8 and Nokia lovers… One that compliments Nokia’s colour palette, too.

Check out the Monster Nokia Purity in-ear headsets here. I’m going to upgrade to a red set of these bad boys, pronto!

They also have the On-ear versions of the Purity line up and an upgraded option to ‘Pro’ for those of us that think they can hear all the detail in music or really need to have sensational sound on that important phone call from mum ;P

Will update this post once I’ve experienced the Monster Nokia Purity line up.

Have you already got the Nokia Purity headphones? What’s your experience? Comment below…

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