I use a phablet, you should try it…


Deciding on a mobile platform to use is hard enough these days, without having to then choose the form factor to suit.

I’ll admit, I’m an MSFT fanboy, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have standards. I’ve used the early versions of WinMo and at the end of WinMo 6ish, I swore I would never touch WinMo again.

Anyways, I’ve dabbled in Android and due to my employment, I have even owned a couple webOS phones. All things being equal, I have found myself in love with the new Windows Phone platform – Windows Phone 8 (WP8) of course.

Nokia has been smashing out plenty of handsets, breaking records for themselves, let alone the number of WP8 options for the general consumer. The Lumia range presented choice and premium quality for WP8 and added some fantastic capabilities to the Nokia and MSFT lineup.

But I wanted more.

When I first heard of the upcoming release of a 6” WP8 handset, I knew I had to hold out upgrading my personal phone until it was confirmed that a WP8 phablet was going to be available. Reading up on the dimensions from Nokia World 2013, I drew it out on paper to get a ‘real-size’ feel for it.

I had concerns…. it seemed huge. But I have been carrying a Lumia 920 and an ElitePad 900 tablet, so am I really taking that huge of a leap forward on tech I’ll regret? I was willing to take the chance.

I purchased a white Lumia 1520 from Nokia Australia’s exclusive launch partner Harvey Norman in December 2013. I’m using Telstra as a carrier (for now).

Unboxing was a delight, familiar too, as I have now unboxed 4 Nokia Lumia phones in the space of 14 months!

Yes it’s big. It’s a 6” phablet. But, after almost 2 months of using this phone, I’m honestly enjoying the experience and screen real-estate. I have large hands, so handling it isn’t a problem. I can still put it in my pocket and sit down too! The camera is great, 20MP, the camera software and editing tools are top notch and Nokia has even added some enhancements under the guise of “Nokia Black” for WP8.

As with any gadget of mine, I check for the accessory options to compliment and protect it. In the case of this stunning phablet, I have elected to order a red protective cover (CP-623) that doubles as a stand – lets face it, the 6” screen is almost good enough to hang on your wall! I’ve had to order through eBay though as noone is seeming to stock it in Oz at present.

Are you looking to buy a phablet? Drop me a line or post a comment with any questions you may have.

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