First cab off the rank


Blogging isn’t as easy as I thought. I wrote the subject really quickly, then stared at the blank box and blinking cursor for about 15 mins… real minutes.

I heard blogging was the best way to get noticed online (besides giving away an iPad to the lucky 500,000th visitor to the site). So, I decided I needed to buy a domain name and then blog about the things I like.

I like gadgets. I get bored of my gadgets quick too, so I need to churn out old tech for new to support my habit. Plus I make hasty decisions about which tech to play with because I am largely fueled by caffeine.

So as you can imagine, coming up with a name that implied gadgets and integrated coffee whilst being hip, edgy and relevant was going to be hard. So I ignored all that and stated the obvious. Enter: Gadgets Over Coffee.

I’ll be talking about stuff I have owned, currently own and plan to own, as well as cool coffee spots I have frequented through my travels. I may even entertain a few ‘guest’ posts as a lot of my opinions get shaped over healthy banter.

Site is still under construction. Go easy on me 🙂

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